Overlanding road trip setup

twilightscapes rig

I get a lot of questions from people about overlanding and my road-trip setup. So, I thought I’d post a bit more about the “ABT”rig and my setup.


Night Photographer’s Dream Overlanding Setup

Up front is a 2014 Subaru Outback with H6 Boxer engine. It’s got everything to go wherever I want to go and is complete with full-size spare, farm jack, shovel, 12ft. ladder, and Rigid Industries LED flood/spot combo light bar. All of this is on top of the Yakima large cargo rack. The lights are controlled from a toggle switch on the dashboard. The Outback has had electronic brake controls added, a sway bar, and transmission cooler.


My living quarters and office is in the back: an 18ft. Aliner Expedition pop-up hard-sided A-Frame. It’s got running water, fridge, heater/AC, stove, shower/toilet, queen bed and my office area.


Overall, it allows me to roll anywhere I want, even in backcountry. While overlanding, I can be completely off the grid for over a month, with dual deep cycle marine batteries, dual propane tanks and soon to come, solar panels.

In addition to the inside shower, there is also an outside shower which comes in handy to hose things down, or for taking nude showers out in the middle of nowhere.


Grillin' & Chillin'

My setup even has indoor and outdoor speakers and bluetooth stereo which I use a lot with my iPhone to control.

Lastly, there is also a propane access port and there is a “sidekick” BBQ unit that attaches to the side rear. I use this a lot to make toast and grill up quick burgers and what not. Life in the field, doesn’t have to be harsh! It’s certainly not 5-star accommodations, but the views can’t be beat!



I’ve successfully managed, living in this through Colorado snow storms, Utah sandstorms, Oregon rainstorms, you name it, this setup has not failed me yet.

Todd's Gear

I’ve shot many a digital camera and other equipment over the years but I’ve settled on the set of tools below.


  • Canon 5D III
  • Sony A7R II
  • Sony A7S II


  • 8-15 L Fisheye
  • 17 ƒ4 TS-E
  • 24 TS-E II
  • 24 ƒ1.4 L II
  • 35 ƒ1.4 L
  • 16-35mm ƒ2.8 L Mk II
  • 85 ƒ1.2 L Mk II
  • 24-105mm ƒ4 L
  • 135 ƒ2 L
  • Nikon 14-24

Other Glass:

  • EF Extender 1.4 II
  • 82mm B+W MRC CPL Filter
  • 77mm B+W MRC CPL Filter
  • 72mm B+W MRC CPL Filter


  • Kenko Ext Tubes
  • Sennheiser 300 Mic
  • Poverty Wizards – RF-602s (3 sets)
  • Cokin Filter System
  • Several sets of Eneloops
  • Various other tools, gadgets and doo-dads


  • (3) 580EX II Speedlights
  • Sekonic L-308S Light Meter
  • Light stands, umbrellas, softboxes, and other diffusers
  • Some home made stuff (flashlights, lasers, neon, etc..)


  • Gitzo GT5562GTS
  • Gitzo 1554T
  • Gitzo 3531s
  • Acratech GV2 Ballhead
  • Acratech GPS-SS Ballhead
  • Acratech Pano Head
  • Acratech Long Lens Head
  • Actratech plates
  • Cotton Carrier System


  • Domke F2
  • Domke F5xb
  • Domke Gripper Strap
  • Domke Backpack Strap
  • ApeCase Backpack
  • Booq Python XL and Vyper XL2
  • Original Lowepro Backpack
  • Lowepro AW100
  • Pelican