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Blurred Reality

I had worked hard to get into this set of buildings in a busted down section of town only to find that they were pretty boring. I went from one warehouse to the next and found very little of interest until I came into this last one that had standing water in it. I immediately saw the cool patterns from the ceiling reflected in the water and set the camera up nice and low to really accentuate the lines.

High-Res Print Ready Art


There are two licensing options:

  1. Personal Use License which includes printing rights. All use and restrictions are limited to private use only.

  2. Unlimited Royalty-Free License which includes all rights of the personal use plus commercial use.

That’s it.

I believe art should be for everyone, not just snobby elite art collectors. It should be available to and priced for everyone. I just hope you enjoy the art.

– Todd

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